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Holiday Checklist - Holidays4Travel Ltd.

Our handy list below helps you to remember everything you may need for going away on holiday.
Use our holiday checklist below to tick off the items you may require to ensure you're ready to go!

Download the holiday checklist as a pdf

Holidays4Travel Ltd. - Holiday Checklist Item


Flight/Holiday vouchers
These are essential as you can't check in without them! Hoidays4Travel will send you vouchers for your holiday (usually via email) whether it be a package holiday, flight, hotel only or a flight & hotel combined together. You need to print these vouchers out and take them with you so that the hotel/flight company has the booking reference number to be able to check you in. It is also wise to make a copy of these documents and then leave with a relative at home also in case you lose them whilst travelling and need them re-sent. Your vouchers once ready are also available to download from the 'My Booking' area on this website.

Passport/ Visa /Driving licence
If you're travelling abroad then these are essential also. Visas may be required depending on where you are travelling to and how long for. You will be advised if there are any special arrangements you need to take from your Holidays4Travel agent when booking, but if you are unsure please just ask us! A driving licence will be needed if you intend to hire a car whilst on your holiday and it is also another useful form of identification. Scan a copy of these important documents and leave a copy at home in case you lose any whilst on holiday.

Travel Insurance
The booking conditions of Tour Operators are such that it is a condition of booking that all passengers are adequately covered by travel insurance. In order to travel/go on holiday it is strongly advised you have travel insurance. Such insurance ensures that you are fully covered against unexpected cancellation charges, medical expenses arising abroad, loss of luggage/money/documents, personal liability claims etc. Holiday4Travel can assist you with travel insurance or you can arrange your own cover, provided that policy affords cover comparable to that of your Tour Operator. If you travel often, the cheapest insurance can be annual travel insurance, available from many different suppliers. Just make sure before you go that your policy covers you if you plan on doing any sports or anything particularly dangerous. Make a copy of your insurance policy details and take them with you plus the number they have given you in the case of an emergency/claim. You should also advise your travel agent of these details just in case.

Holiday Money/Currency
Buy this at the airport or order beforehand to gain a better exchange rate and less commission charges. We can advise you of where you can buy currency, just ask.

Address book including emergency numbers of relatives etc.
Or store them on your phone. Just in case.

European Health Insurance Card
In order to entitle you to free or reduced treatment whilst abroad in the EU, if ever needed. (

First Aid pack
Including the basics, such as plasters, Savlon, Calpol, Nurofen and nail scissors (don't pack them in your hand luggage)

Sun cream / Aftersun / Insect repellent
Depending on where you are travelling to! Ask our advice on what may be needed when you book.

Maps/Guidebooks/Destination Guides
If you're going sightseeing these will all help you to plan your trip. Use our website to gain essential information on the resort you're going to, or download our destination guides to help you plan your trip!

Mobile phone/international calling card
Most people now take a mobile phone abroad with them, but make sure you switch off data roaming unless needed so that you don't incur heavy phone bill costs. Or purchase an international calling card to reduce phone bills whilst abroad. Don't forget your phone charger!

Books/ Games/ Laptop/ Kindle
The essential items for relaxing in the sunshine whilst on holiday. If it's necessary to take your laptop just make sure it's insured whilst abroad. Remember to stock up on books or download your books to your kindle to read whilst relaxing on your sunlounger.

Plug adapter
These can be bought easily at most high street stores and at the airport. Check which plug you need before travelling to ensure you'll be able to charge/use any electrical items whilst away.

Make sure you include the camera charger and download lead if you are taking a laptop and/or are staying abroad for a while.

Suitcase, luggage tags and lock
Use luggage tags that are sent to you or buy your own, although many suitcases come with them. Remember although hard suitcases are great they will add to the weight of your luggage. Purchasing a lock for your suitcase is a good deterrent against thieves. A suitcase which is brightly coloured and stands out will make it easier to find on the suitcase carousel in resort and once you arrive back home.

If you wear glasses it may be worth investing in prescription sunglasses also

Everything you use at home and need to take with you. For shampoo and conditioners, rather than packing large bottles into your toiletries bag, why not decant what you need into plastic bottles (readily available from boots and other chemists).


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